Documenting My Results

4 Feb

I hope this blog will be informative and help some people and at the same time help the people who are looking at this from a negative view point understand a bit more. This is just another cosmetic, stop being so judgmental! I will be purchasing an anal bleach cream to lighten these areas to a more even skin tone. It is called Caspah intimate lightening cream. I think they might have two websites or something, but I decided to purchase off the new website that has discounts for buying multiple bottles. I could not find any discounts on the old website. (Caspah). I know there has been some scrutiny around the idea of anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching, but I do not really see why people care so much. There are many things that women do cosmetically to look better, and this is just another one in my opinion. If it is not for you, then do not worry about it. Just because I do not like blush does not mean that I judge those that wear blush. That is the way I look at it I guess. I know there will always be more conservative folks and that is okay too.

I will be purchasing an at home anal bleaching cream and documenting how long it will take me to see results. After spending a lot of time doing research, I have chosen to go with Caspah Intimate Lightening Cream. It seemed to get very good reviews (Caspah Reviews) and the price was right. I have received my order in the mail and I will be applying the cream twice a day and updating this blog with the results once a week. Today is February 4, 2011.

Week 1 Update (Edited: February 11, 2011)

Ok, I have been applying the cream for about a week now. It is very gentle on the skin and did not irritate my precious areas! I do not see any visual results as I expected since my research has shown that it should take at least 2-4 weeks to start seeing some results because skin lightening does not happen overnight. The skin cells must be replaced by ones containing less pigment over time. The cream helps the new cells being generated to not contain the color.

Week 2 Update (Edited: February 18, 2011)

It is the end of week 2 now and I think I may be starting to see some lightening although it seems a bit early still. It may be the placebo effect, but it looks lighter to me. I should have taken pictures also for my own use. Sorry, I would not be publishing pics with no clothes on in a blog for the world to see! See you in a week!

Week 3 Update (Edited: February 25, 2011)

Although I am still unsure about the area around my vagina, I am positive the anal area is starting to lighten up. My hubby has confirmed this as well. So 3 weeks seems to have made a visual difference for sure. I think both areas have lightened, just the anal one has been bleached a bit faster for whatever reason. I am expecting the best for my next update so wish me luck…

Week 4 Update (Edited: March 1, 2011)

Woohoo! Thanks for the good luck. My discolored vaginal area is headed to my normal skin tone and I am pretty sure by the 2nd bottle, I will be good to go. My anal area seems to be completely lightened to where I wanted it to be. I think I may be done with updating now. Now what should I do with this blog to keep posting? Any ideas?